Wednesday, February 10, 2010


One year ago today, HarperCollins and I parted ways.  That was entirely their idea, by the way. The anniversary of my layoff seems like a good time to take stock.  Since that day last February, I have:
Been interviewed on national TV a couple of times.

Appeared in a national magazine or two, and a major daily newspaper.

Been featured on some high-visibility websites.

Started a couple of blogs that earn coverage in the trade press now and then.

Had some writing published in a number of outlets.

Started writing silly stuff on a regular basis for The Huffington Post (the latest one went up today).

Tricked a literary agent into taking me on as a client.

Got myself on the Twitter and the Facebook.

Found steady freelance employment.

Pulled my weight in terms of putting food on the table and kids through college.

Had some serious fun.
The only thing missing is a full-time job that I love.  They're a little scarce right now, but I know that's coming.

In short, I am doing better than OK--pretty well in fact--and am looking forward to what comes next.  I sincerely hope that the friends and colleagues who share this dubious anniversary with me can say the same.


  1. Congratulations. It's nice to read about optimism in this situation. The 1 year anniversary of my depature from RH is coming up soon. I've traveled, had some fun, I've been learning more about social media marketing, and I also look forward to what's coming next.

  2. Babette, thank you and congratulations to you too for keeping it positive. A lot of the things I've done I probably wouldn't have done if I were still grinding away at HC, so I guess the best way to look at it is as a "forced opportunity."