Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Breaking News!

I'm interrupting the leisurely flow of this blog to bring you breaking news about--well, about this blog. I refer to the generous comments made today by BusinessWeek senior editor Diane Brady in the "Management IQ" blog at

We book flacks know BusinessWeek to be a particularly book-friendly operation. With her deep appreciation for books and authors, Diane embodies that spirit perfectly. Every author I ever sent to meet with her came away impressed, because she prepares thoroughly for each interview and poses challenging, informed questions. This approach takes some authors completely by surprise because they're not used to it, but I never knew an author yet who didn't appreciate it.

Diane is also a friend to the lowly book publicist, ready to offer guidance about the best point of entry to the magazine for a particular book.

Rumor has it Diane has her own book coming up later this year. I hope she gets to be interviewed by someone as good as she is. Or maybe she should just do what Stephen Colbert did and interview herself.

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