Monday, May 11, 2009

Act Two, Act Two

A number of people have told me that after reading my comments in Liz Wolgemuth's U.S. News & World Report piece about preparing for a layoff, they immediately downloaded their list of contacts from their work computer. Smart move, but let's keep something in mind: We're not talking about making off with anything your employer would consider proprietary information--the idea here is to prepare for a layoff, not provoke one. Just create a separate record of the personal contacts that you've made, nurtured, and worked with regularly.

Lisa Takeuchi Cullen over at True/Slant found sufficient merit in the U.S. News article to feature it on her blog Act Two (my second appearance there in the last couple of months). I'm always pleased to get Lisa's attention, because she's tough-minded and practical, as you'll know if you've read her blog. Must be the journalist in her. By the way, I love the photo caption she came up with, referring to me as a "sacked flack." Why didn't I think of that?

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