Monday, June 1, 2009

Book: The Sequel

Perseus Books pulled off an amazing feat at BEA over the weekend. Last week I posted about their "Book: The Sequel" promotion, in which readers were invited to submit the first line of an imagined sequel to a famous book. The deadline was last Thursday, and over the next 48 hours they edited, designed, and published a collection of the best submissions.

Book: The Sequel is available for pre-order on Amazon and other online retailers, and will be in bookstores June 15th. A preview of the book is available online, and they're still accepting submissions for the web site.

I'm happy to say at least one of my submissions made it to the finished book:

The President was pleased with his new education bill, in which students with good grades would be swept to Heaven in The Rapture, while poor performers would be kept back to repeat a grade and suffer eternal damnation.
--from No Child Left Behind (sequel to Left Behind by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins)

Incidentally, all proceeds from this book benefit The National Book Foundation.

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