Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Argument Here

William Scheckel, who shared a Fox & Friends segment with me a couple of months ago, is working on a book. I don't mean he's squinting at someone else's turgid prose, struggling to get to the end of a chapter before he nods off. I mean he's writing a book of his own.

He's done a lot of writing in the course of his marketing career, and much of it has been published--unfortunately, under other people's names. Now he's finished with secret identities. He's taking a stab at writing his own book, using his own name, from scratch. And he's decided to make that process transparent by chronicling his progress in a blog called Writing in the Sun. The name has a double meaning: Metaphorically it shows that he's putting this writing adventure out there for everyone to see; literally it means that he's writing the book and the blog from "a comfortable deck chair on our sunny welcome-mat of a front yard." It'll be interesting to see if he changes the name of the blog when he moves indoors next fall.

Apparently the book is about arguing. I'll be checking back to learn additional details as he reveals more in future posts. I hope you'll check it out too, because I encouraged him in this venture (see his first post) and if it doesn't work out, I'm going to hear from him. I'd really rather not get caught up in an argument with a guy who's writing a book about arguing. Next thing you know I'll be a case study. Good luck, William!

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