Monday, August 3, 2009


I watched a "Shark Week" documentary on the Discovery Channel last night about a series of shark attacks at the Jersey Shore in 1916. It was more of a docu-drama, really, since it was told in "dramatic reenactments" that combined equal parts blood and cheese. The narrator repeatedly said that these attacks "inspired the movie Jaws." Hey Discovery Channel: just being a stickler here, but I seem to recall that the movie Jaws was inspired by the novel Jaws. I know it only sold a mere 20 million copies, but still, it probably merits a mention. Without Peter Benchley's novel, there wouldn't be a movie called Jaws and there almost certainly wouldn't be a "Shark Week." Where would you be then? "Cash Cab Week?" So please, show the book and the author a little respect.

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