Thursday, September 24, 2009

Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol--Just the Italics

"It's buried out there somewhere."

The secret is how to die.

Drink it....You have nothing to fear.


I am just blocks from the White House.


The Temple Room.

The secret is how to die...

The Supreme Worshipful Master.

They will never know my true purpose here.

Throat cut from ear to ear. . . tongue torn out by its root. . . bowels taken out and burned. . . scattered to the four winds of heaven. . . heart plucked out and given to the beasts of the field--

Tonight...something is taking place within these walls that has never before occurred in the history of this brotherhood. Not once, in centuries.

"May this wine I now drink become a deadly poison to me. . . . should I ever knowingly or willfully violate my oath."

My God, they know!

Soon you will lose everything you hold most dear.

Chapter 1
I can't breathe.

I can't breathe. I've got to get out of this box!

Almost there....Just hold on.

The other man I never want to disappoint.

Breathe, Robert...

A taxi stand for the rich and famous.


My uniform?

No chance....Little nooses.


So this is how the other half lives.

No stone left unturned.

A few billion dollars in the bank doesn't hurt either.

Arriving under a veil of secrecy...


  1. and it goes on until the end of the book.. that was the first thing i noticed also. you have to respect the art. =D

  2. Anonymous02 July, 2010

    nice blog!

  3. The story line was good, ending strong enough, and it was predictable where expected. It just felt a little over written and the author assumed the reader didn't catch the connections on the first or second reference.