Friday, October 9, 2009

Vooking Daggers

A response to the launch of a new ebook-video hybrid called a "vook"--or more specifically, a response to its name--done in rhyme in honor of National Poetry Day (technically yesterday--sue me).

I took a look. I saw a vook.
It seems some genius undertook
To artfully combine a book
With video somebody took.
My problem with this new ebook—
The thing that really has me shook--
Is that they’re calling it a vook!
I mean, c’mon, what kind of schnook
Would coin a stupid word like vook?
It’s something I can’t overlook!
The ‘v’ from video they took
And rudely mashed it up with ‘ook’
Which, if you take a careful look,
Is just the last three-fourths of ‘book.’
Video plus book is vook??
I can’t believe that notion took!
I think that vook should get the hook!
Please don’t let me be mistook—
In good conscience, I can’t brook
A word as ludicrous as vook.
Let it be said we all forsook--
Be we Zulu or Chinook,
From Vladivostok to Kirkuk--
To utter this gobbledygook.
And when I choose to read a book,
Nestled in my inglenook,
You can bet, by hook or crook,
It certainly will not be a vook!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Larry,

    Though your lines were rather critical
    We at Vook were impressed they were lyrical

    Perhaps our next vooks you'll be more fond of
    And - don't fear - we won't be writing sonnets.
    We'll leave the criticism and the verse to you
    Though we wish you'd understand: It's tricky
    to build something fresh, original, and entirely new.

    We don't want you to trade your book for a vook.
    But maybe, (soon!), give us another look?


    Matthew (at) vook (dot) com